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Palmetto Hospital Neurointerventionalist Dr. Kaushal

Utilizes Police Lights to Respond to Stroke Patients Faster

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Joint Commission accreditation awarded!

Palmetto General Hospital receives highest designation for stroke care!

We Are Proud of Quality - We Are Target Stroke

Epilepsy & Seizures
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Epilepsy & Seizures

People at increased risk for epilepsy are men, young children, adults over the age of 65, those with a family history of the disorder, anyone who has had a stroke or brain infection, and those who experienced high fevers in childhood.
Movement Disorders
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Movement Disorders

If you have a movement disorder, you experience different kinds of impaired movement. Movement disorders vary between patients, showing symptoms at differing degrees of severity.
Headaches & Migraines
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Headaches & Migraines

Migraines can last anywhere from a few hours to several days. Some people have migraines several times a month, while others have them less frequently.


What are our patients saying about us?

  • At just 39 years old, I was given the gift of life. Believe it or not, I am a survivor of both an aneurysm and a stroke. My name is Lori Lebeau, and I consider myself a medical miracle because I was fortunate enough to be taken to the Comprehensive Stroke Center at St. Mary’s Medical Center.
    Lori Lebeau // Stroke Survivor
  • Working at St. Mary’s Medical Center for over three decades, I never thought the day would come where the very same hospital I worked for, would have to save my own life. I exercised regularly, didn’t have any heart issues, didn’t smoke and wasn’t overweight. Overall I was healthy and had none of the typical risk factors, so my stroke came as a complete surprise to me.
    Joey Bulfin // Stroke Survivor
  • It happened so fast, so unexpectedly and without warning. I had just returned home and wasn’t in the mood to cook dinner, so I grabbed a frozen pizza out of the fridge. To my surprise, the instructions on how to cook the pizza were blurry. The next thing I remember, my son Scott was kneeling over me asking if I knew my name. I could see my name written in the air, just floating there, but I couldn’t say it.
    Alicia Didia // Stroke Survivor
  • I work as the Human Resources Director for the City of West Palm Beach, and while in a meeting my hand began to curl and I had difficulty speaking. I called my wife and she suspected I was suffering a stroke.
    Ren Nardoni // Stroke Survivor
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